This is a technical course for people who know basic spill response and want to know more about spill response from the environmental consultants point of view. This course is an online 21 hour course for health and safety professionals, risk management, consultants and spill responders looking to learn more technical aspects of spill response. This course is $5,000 plus tax. Depending on your province/territory there are government grants that can cover up to 100% of the cost of this course. It is online and instructor led. Applicants must apply for acceptance and then ProEnviro can assist with the grant application

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Applicable Student

Requires knowledge on how to oversee a spill.

Potentially exposed to and manages contaminant situations with operational fluids such as fuels, radiator fluids, motor oil, etc. (excluding specialized contaminants such as radioactive, biomedical, etc.) Preferably has completed some Ground Disturbance, Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS/GHS) orientation and/or training.


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Pay in full now - $5,000 plus tax

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Other Course Details


    • Trainer Instructional Hours: 21
    • Class runs twice weekly Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 10:30am MST for 7 weeks

Dates of Training:

    • Begin: September 2024

Course Title:

    • Technical Spill Response Course

Delivery Method:

    • Online


    • Technical Spill Response Certificate awarded at the end of course

Provider Name:

    • ProEnviro

Provider Type:

    • Private Trainer

Mailing Address:

    • PO BOX 83113 Webber Greens
      Edmonton, Alberta T5T 6S1

Phone number:

    • 780-232-5964




  • $5,000 plus GST
  • You can apply for a grant to cover up to 100% of the course tuition. Using the course syllabus you can apply to the Canada Job Grant. See your provincial training grant to see if you qualify or ask for details prior to signing up:

Katrina Patel


Katrina Patel is a Professional Biologist with nineteen years of industry experience. She is well versed in environmental regulations for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories and the bordering United States. Her background includes emergency spill response, site assessments, remediation of soil, water & air using bacterial amendments, natural bio filters, oxidizers and alternative technologies. Past project experience includes permitting of hazardous treatment facilities, third party file review and implementation of emerging technologies.

Over the years, Katrina has helped people, companies and their insurers respond to a variety of spills in a diverse array of environments. She has used both standard and innovative processes and procedures to protect ecologically sensitive areas while keeping costs to a minimum during environmental incidents. As a coordinator for RBW Waste Management she learned about and educated clients on different spill response supply products such as absorbents, covers, plugging compounds and drive-on pads. With her background in microbial science, she developed and implemented remedial procedures using bacteria to digest contamination in soil and water instead of burying it in landfills or placing it down abandoned wells for future generations to deal with.

In 2010 she incorporated KPI, her own environmental consulting firm, where she was commissioned to develop and test recycled tire as hydrocarbon absorbent material. She used the recycled tire to remediate water and soil for Oil & Gas companies, industrial effluent, and water collection at soil treatment facilities. KPI was hired to permit, develop and operate soil recycling treatment facilities throughout Western Canada. Katrina is also an Incident Commander for insurance companies to lead a team responding to catastrophic spills and clean up sites while under the careful examination of spillers, regulators, property owners and insurance companies.

Katrina is the founder of the Alberta Spill Response Association (ASRA) and Project WIN. ASRA is a not-for-profit group collaborating industry subject matter experts to review and endorse spill training programs such as ProEnviro’s Spill Response Courses. Project Working Interactively towards Non-abuse (WIN) Foundation is also a not-for-profit organization developing an educational video game that will incentivize gamers with real tangible prizes donated by corporations seeking to meet their Environmental Social & Governance mandates. It’s where learning meets gaming and corporations fuel the adventure to go green.

Her designations include:

P.Biol – Professional Biologist, Alberta Society of Professional Biologists

R.P.Bio – Professional Biologist, British Columbia College of Applied Biology

Q.P.Sask. – Qualified Person Certificate Saskatchewan