Accountability to Sustainability:

One of my very first days on the job was responding to a horrific train derailment that contaminated my own local lake. I saw ducks caked in oil… it was disgusting. We had booms and pads ready to go, but the train company wanted to wait a day or so for some cheaper, lesser quality product, and sent the booms and pads away. I tried really hard to at least get the used absorbents, so the company I worked for could extract, recover and recycle what we could of the oil, but again the rail company chose a different, poor-quality, less environmentally preferable option. If they had followed our advice, they would have used less product and paid less in disposal. Our goal is to educate people on issues like this, so that everyone (including the ducks!) benefits. When it comes to handling such emergencies, having a reliable chemical spill kit in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is crucial for swift and effective containment and cleanup efforts.

-Katrina Patel, ProEnviro Founder

Our company aims to improve the reaction time and efficiency to emergency spill response events. We create programs that teach – clearly, simply, and effectively – how to respond to a spill in an emergency situation.  We strongly believe in the importance of increasing the number of prepared personnel for such emergency situations offering spill kits solutions for emergency spills in Canada, including Ontario. We empower workers and companies to assist and reduce the impacts to the environment.

Spills cost companies more money than due diligence and preparation do – and the cost of spills to the environment can be irreparable. While evaluating these costs, and the resources available to assist in reducing impacts to the environment, we at ProEnviro felt it was important to make Basic Spill Response education available to everyone and anyone who could benefit from it. We also create custom courses for companies looking for that extra specialization in their training programs.

When evaluating actual spills, we often hear complaints about “not knowing what to do” or “not knowing who to call” from first responders – which proves that there are major pieces missing in spill response training and certification.

Utilizing the Alberta Spill Response Association allows ProEnviro to instill procedures that are peer reviewed.  Our courses are the product of industry review and professional experience, ensuring comprehensive spill management certification in British Columbia and spill kit training in Edmonton and Calgary.

Our team of professional experts provides the direction and networks for successful preparation and implementation. Client concerns for their assets and reputation will give preference to companies that have training in spill response. Customers have reported decreases in spill related costs, premiums and deductibles.

Katrina Patel holds a Science Degree from the University of Alberta. She founded ProEnviro and KPI after working as a Remediation Specialist for several companies over the years. Throughout her experience, she has discovered numerous technologies and has aligned with the most sustainable options.