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  • starts with a plan.

    Our comprehensive online courses focus on safety first -
    for you, your company, and the environment.

    Effective environmental protection
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    Spill Response 101

Get certified by ProEnviro.

We provide comprehensive, standardized courses in spill response.

We offer training for industries of all types, for individuals and for companies.

ProEnviro courses offer consistent training with confirmed understanding by way of certification.

We teach only approved procedures and protocols for spill response and waste management.

Are You Prepared?

Emergency preparedness on job sites requires specific training.

Due diligence and basic awareness can protect the environment, while also saving money, time and resources.

Our courses teach prevention, preparedness, response procedures, and roles and responsibilities under emergency circumstances. Keep your company effective, efficient, and environmental.

Learn How...

Spill Response Training

Register now for our Basic Level Emergency Spill Response certification course. Prevent and mitigate damage with best practice and due diligence. Purchase the course and get a $50 discount on SPILL KITS.

Call 1-888-KITS247

This course is suitable for all industries and all job sites that may involve potential spills of harmful materials as defined by WHMIS.

Our Standards

Our Team

Our team works closely together to bring you spill response education and opportunities. With years of experience in the field, in several industries, and in upper management, we are committed to the highest quality of environmentally sound practices.
Our team of professional experts provides the direction and networks for successful marketing and implementation.

Katrina Patel


Katrina holds a Science Degree from the University of Alberta. She founded KPI after working as a Remediation Specialist for several companies over the years. Throughout her experience, she has discovered numerous technologies and has allied with the most admirable options.

Dean Janvier

Vice President of Business Development

Dean A. Janvier is an entrepreneur and consultant in private practice as an expert in Aboriginal business, industry relations, policy and communications. Dean has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the areas of First Nations and Canadian politics, Aboriginal policy, corporate relations and communications.

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